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A little about us...

We started Clancy's Pub in 1977 at the former location on 72nd & Pacific and prided ourselves on making "the best homemade food served in a sports bar." We were known for our great daily specials, including our "Famous Steak Day" -during our height with 4 locations; we would sell over 1,000 steaks on any Wednesday afternoon. This was way before the wave of chain sports bars erupted in the 90's. 

Every March 17th, St. Patrick's Day became the biggest party in Omaha. I was even bussing customers around to the then 4 Clancy's locations. No matter what the cost, I wanted the biggest party around. 

Since then, we have downsized to two locations; one at 168th & Center in Omaha and Clancy's in Scottsdale, AZ opened in 2008. My "long time" managers, Randy, and Nickie, have replaced me daily. They will continue to make you feel welcome every day of the week for years to come. Let us entertain you!  

-Patty Ferguson, Owner

Visit Our Sister Location in Arizona

Clancy's Pub Pizza & Grill - Camelback & Miller Rd
 4432 N. Miller Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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