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In Memory, Kayla Voris

Kayla Voris began working at Clancy's in 2002, when the 168th location opened in Omaha Nebraska. Everyone loved Kayla with her sharp humor and selfless personality. She quickly became the face of Clancy's becoming co-manager with Randy Belmont. 

Clancy Co-Managers Randy and Kayla
Clancy Co-Managers: Kayla and Randy

Over the years Clancy regulars became family, and many even attended her destination wedding on 11-11-11 to Joe Hebenstreit. Joe and Kayla welcomed their daughter Kendall Grace to this world on September 12, 2014.

Kayla story has touched many, she was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer in 2009. Kayla fearlessly faced the disease 3 times undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy. But the cancer was relentless and unfortunately she succumbed to the disease in 2015.


Kayla, Joe and Kendall Hebenstreit are forever in Clancy's heart. We truly miss Kayla who worked at Clancy's for over a decade and became part of our family. Proceeds from the annual Clancy's golf tournament go to Kayla and Joe's daughter. Please visit "Kayla's Crew" on facebook to learn more about her story. If you are inspired to donate, please visit the Fred & Pamela Buffet Cancer Center which research will benefit patients like Kayla that are battling Sarcoma cancer.

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